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Social Science Tools

© Conservation International/photo by Kellee Koenig

The ConSoSci Partnerships develops, curates and promotes technology for more effective and robust collection, management and analysis of conservation social science data.


Our Social Science Data Toolbox


The ConSoSci toolkit provides an integrated solution to support the complete cycle of social science data - from data collection and management to integration and analysis. It is made of separate components or tools that support different steps in the data cycle.


© Diane Detoeuf/ WCS

Getting Support

Need help on using social science data tools ? You’ll find great support at the following resources: 

KoBo Toolbox: Visit their Help Center, Community Forum and the XLSform website. You can also have your form checked using this ODK validation tool.

OpenFN: Visit their Documentation, Community Forum, and the ConSoSci documentation 

Founding Lead Organizations